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Friday, June 29, 2007

My Big Day - A Success

Thanks for coming back. My big day was relatively successful. I had an interesting time trying to set up because my cabinets were all locked and I had to wait for the key. I got the key, but then it was the wrong one, so had to wait a bit longer. When I was finally set up, I put out a nice assortment of products. It was a bit difficult to decide what to put where, and being only 4'10" I had an interesting time trying to reach the top shelf! My husband had very kindly packed the car for me the night before, and had included a step ladder, but I did not bring it. Anyway, after a bit of re-arranging, I was pretty happy with my display. I had several blankets, many sleepers, crib shoes, soft shoes for beginner walkers, and some adorable socks. I also had a few toddler shoes, which there was quite a bit of interest in - to my surprise! Next time I am back I will definitely be bringing more toddler shoes! I should tentatively be back on Friday November 16th.

I will be posting some photos very soon, so if you saw me at the Royal Columbian Hospital, please come back soon, or email me what you are interested in, and I will send you some photos and prices.

I will also be going to other hospitals in the Vancouver area, so will keep you posted of these locations and dates.

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